About Us

BookWater App is a new age application that offers an easy and cost effective solution for booking of water tankers.

Users can now book a water tanker as a one-time purchase or choose a longer-term supply. The Bookwater app allows booking of both water and sewage evacuation tankers that takes the uncertainty out of buying and disposing water, with a transparent market based pricing based on the quality (TDS) and quantity.

The Bookwater app also allows users to rate and view the ratings of various suppliers, thereby offering peace of mind.

With easy online payments and online customer support, booking water has never been easier and simpler.

This has been achieved through an IoT Hardware and Software solution that connects users with water suppliers. It also provides a sensor that is installed in tankers that sends water quality data on a real time basis to the cloud. This data is then used to ascertain the quality of water that is being supplied.