Do the taps in your home require frequent cleaning or replacement?

Are rust spots on plumbing fixtures making your bathroom look unsightly?

Are sticky floors, stained sinks, and bathtubs a regular feature of your home?

Do equipment such as geysers and washing machines that use water in your home require frequent repairs or even replacement?

These are typical symptoms that you are using water with high salt content or Hard Water.

Hard water is usually defined as water, which contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions.   However, hardness can be caused by several other dissolved metals as well.

Hard water and high TDS (Total Dissolved solids) can have an impact on your hair and skin.  As per journals published in the International journal of preventive medicine, exposure to hard water is thought to be a risk factor for eczema.

Hair loss is also a common problem worldwide. While the reasons for hair fall can be many, one of the controllable reasons for hair fall is the type of water your hair is exposed to. It is a documented fact that for people living in urban areas, hair fall could be due to the poor quality of water they use for bathing. As per an article in the International journal of Trichology, Hard water decreases strength of hair and thus increases breakage.

Our home is close to our hearts and a place that we value.  While we spend a great deal of time and effort in looking for and acquiring our dream homes, why let it be tarnished?  The fact that improper water that is often paid for can cause significant damage to our homes is something that we need to be cognizant about.

A simple check on the quality of our water, be it our own ground water, municipal or bought out tanker water is essential to protect our own health and the wellbeing of our near and dear ones.

The commonly followed methodology to check the TDS of your water is to use a TDS pen which is a measurement device that cab be easily bought online.  The TDS pen is in reality a conductivity meter that approximates the salt content in the water by measuring the conductivity of the water. While this is a good method to get an indication of the salts in our water, it is time consuming, labour intensive, requiring someone to keep tabs on the water every time a tanker of water is bought or pumped to our homes.

Then we have the issue of calibration.  All the equipment that we use for measurement need to be calibrated.  What this means is that the equipment needs to be periodically tested and tuned to be accurate.  For most users, this process is not only cumbersome & time consuming, but prohibitively expensive.  In certain cases, calibrating the TDS pen can be much more expensive than buying it!

It is in this context that BookWater’s offerings of an inline sensor fitted on to tankers, that is regularly maintained and calibrated by our team of professionals, offers a complete solution.  Not only can you search for water supplies based on optimal TDS levels, but you can also choose your service provider after looking at their ratings by other customers.  You can choose among suppliers who offer similar quality of water based on their price & the discounts that they offer.

Take charge of your water today.

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