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“Getting safe water
is no more rocket science!

Shri S Nambi Narayanan
Space Scientist

C-o-n-n-e-c-t-e-d CAN ® is the world’s first patent pending, IoT enabled, breakthrough technology that puts quality and safety discovery in your hands.

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What is wrong
with bubble-top cans?

Prolonged exposure to sunlight resulting in chemical leaching and degradation
Microplastic contamination in degraded cans
Lack of information about expiry date
Market flooded with counterfeit and spurious cans
Water contaminated with fungi, algae and other micro-organisms

What is the


What is
CAN ® ?

The BookWater platform tracks each can using it's unique QR code at all points in the supply chain making the distribution process "Water tight".

Filling Stations




Benefits of C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D CAN®

Connected for Quality

Unique QR on Every Can
Scan the QR using the bookwater app, Know your “Water” AND “Can”.
“Always ON” Sensors
The IoT Sensors at each of our bottling facilities monitors water quality 24 x 7.
No more Overused Cans
Every CAN is tracked and marked for “End of Life”. After 30 uses the CANs are upcycled into useful products like fabric.

ISI Certified Cans
All our cans carry the ISI certification and are made only from Virgin PET (First time use), thereby ensuring total peace of mind.
Covered Transportation
All CANs are responsibly transported across the supply-chain in closed vehicles that avoid direct sunlight, preventing UV damage and leaching.
No Duplicates
Unique QR code on every can combined with a cash free digital platform for distributors and consumers eliminates duplicates.

Connected for Convenience

Subscription Model
Enjoy hassle free debits from your BookWater Wallet along with timely delivery as per your schedule.
Customer Support
Get Multichannel customer support with Voice, Chat and Email.
Insta Delivery
Quick and Convenient delivery done within a few hours.
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