The Bookwater advantage

Scan QR on the can and get to know the quality of water filled & expiry date of your water. Also, view the number of times your can has been used and when it will be disposed.

Transparent and clean

Our High quality “Always On” sensors keep tabs on the water quality in each water can. With BookWater, you get only safe and pure drinking water everytime.

Safe and Healthy

Book through our app and get pure drinking water delivered at your doorstep.

Simple and Swift

Load money into your wallet and enjoy seamless payments

Easy and Convenient.

BookWater’s team of customer care professionals will ensure a swift response to your queries.

Professional and Prompt

Indiscriminate reuse of water cans can result in leaching of chemicals and microplastics that lead to adverse health effects. With BookWater your cans are retired after preset cycles.

Prudent and Shielded

What we offer?

Water Wallet

Load money into your wallet & Enjoy seamless payments.

Why go through the hassle of cash and cheques, when paying safely and securely online is the norm?

Wash away the stress of buying water with BookWater.

“More the volume, more the discount” is the mantra today.

Choose from among rated suppliers offering volume-based discounts

Book More, Save More. BookWater

No more risky trips or unreliable dip sticks for water level checks.

Our high quality water level indicator lets you relax and check if the tankers are arriving full

Check water, BookWater

Gone are the days when calling a tanker service to evacuate sewage was a chore.
Our “easy to use” app allows you to book a Sewage evacuation tanker in a jiffy.

Clean up without raising a stink. BookWater

Should the impossible happen and you require our assistance. We are always at your service.

Our team of customer service professionals have your back 24 X 7. BookWater

All Good things in life are worth a wait
~Coming Soon~

Download our App & Take charge of your water

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