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Consumer Payment Policy

These Payment Policy and Terms & Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of Bookwater’s products to the Buyer. The terms set herein shall prevail over any conflicting terms proposed by the Buyer unless explicitly agreed upon by both parties in writing. These Payment Policy and Terms & Conditions are available in Bookwater Website the same can be viewed online at

Bookwater reserves the right to amend the Payment Policy and Terms & Conditions from time to time without directly notifying the existing Buyers/Customers.

Acceptance and acknowledgement of sales order confirmation or purchase order or mail confirmation from the Buyer, shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Buyer’s acceptance of these Payment Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Bookwater accepts the following types of payment- Real- Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and through payment gateways.

Bookwater may, at its discretion, levy an online convenience fee which shall be displayed on Bookwater’s Website/Applications prior to you initiating a payment for availing Services on Bookwater’s Website/App. You may further be required to bear any and all gateway/electronic transfer fees (as applicable from time to time). 

The quantity, time lines etc., shall be as prescribed in the purchase order or mail confirmation issued by the Buyer or if required Bookwater shall issue Sales Order Confirmation to the Buyer. Purchase order shall be in the form of proposal created by buyer.  

Order Confirmation:
Once an order is placed, it shall be considered confirmed upon issuance of Purchase Order or signing the Sales Order Confirmation (SOC) by the buyer issued by Bookwater. 

Cancellation Policy:
Bookwater cannot cancel any confirmed order after receipt and acknowledgment of Buyer’s Purchase Order or signed SOC.  The buyer can cancel the order before the issuance of a Purchase Order or the signing of an SOC. Provided, Buyer shall cancel the order even after issuance of PO, if Bookwater has not initiated processing or production of the Order. Bookwater reserves the right to refuse cancellation if processing or production of the order has commenced or if the cancellation incurs costs or damages to Bookwater. Cancellation requests must be made in writing by the Buyer, and the same shall be confirmed by Bookwater.  

Bookwater reserves the right to modify its charges for services, features, or functionalities at its sole discretion. Changes to any charges shall not be communicated to the buyer. These modifications shall become effective from the date of posting on the website or app. It is the Buyer/User’s responsibility to regularly check for any updates or changes to the charges structure on the Bookwater’s Website/App.  

The Buyer agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of India concerning their transactions on Bookwater and usage of this Platform. Any information that may be provided by the Buyer during the payment process is processed by the Payment gateway service provider and is not handled or processed by Bookwater. The Buyer holds the responsibility to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information entered into the relevant fields during the payment process.  Any issues arising during the payment process via payment gateway shall be resolved directly between the Buyer and the Payment gateway service provider. Bookwater shall not be held responsible or liable for any issues arising from the payment gateway or for resolving disputes related to the payment processing. It is highly recommended to retain a copy of the transaction details for record keeping purposes. This may assist in the resolution of any potential disputes regarding the services rendered.  

Bookwater WaterWallet/Water Drop:
The “WaterWallet” in the Bookwater website/App provided by Bookwater does not constitute banking/ non-banking services, it does not provide any banking services as defined by the Reserve Bank of India or any other regulatory body. The “WaterWallet” is exclusively designed by Bookwater to facilitate payments for Bookwater’s product and services offered by Bookwater. It is expressly not meant for making payments outside the Bookwater platform. “WaterWallet” functionality is limited to transaction within the Bookwater platform and cannot be used for any form of external transactions. It is important to note that the “WaterWallet” does not offer traditional banking services, such as savings, lending, investments etc.,  

Water drops” are reward points that can be redeemed only within Bookwater Application. 

Sign-Up Rewards shall be awarded only once per phone number. Each phone number used to sign up for Bookwater’s services or products will receive the Sign-Up Reward only once. 

The Influencer which means and include any person who is influencing the customer/entity/individual/group etc., to buy Bookwater’s product shall be considered as an Influencer. The Influencer shall be compensated with a total amount for each can booked using his/her referral code.  

The influencer can view the total number of cans booked through his/her referral code in the form of reward points (water drops).  These reward points need to be redeemed by the influencer via a separate redemption request. Upon receiving the redemption request, the payment will be done by Bookwater after deducting applicable statutory taxes as applicable from time to time.  

Account Termination/Un-Subscription: 

Kindly note that incase if you request for account termination, it is pertinent to know that Account termination is irreversible and that all associated data will be permanently deleted including your wallet data/Waterdrops. Before requesting for termination/deletion of the subscription, Bookwater encourages the buyer to exhaust/submit a ticket to request the refund of any remaining wallet balance. Failure to do so you will result in the forfeiture of your wallet amount/water drops. Water drops cannot be redeemed for cash and the same will expire upon deletion of your account.

Compensation for the breakage of water jars and bottles:
The Buyer should handle the water jars and glass bottles with utmost care and diligence. In the event of breakage or damage to water cans or the QR codes or bar codes affixed to the cans, buyer agrees to pay the respective charges fixed by Bookwater for jars and glass bottle that are damaged, broken and for each QR code or barcode that is rendered non-functional. You acknowledge and agree that Bookwater reserves the right to assess and check the damaged cans and bottles and shall refund or charge accordingly if the cans / glass bottles or damaged or rendered non-functional.  

Payment Terms:
The payment of undisputed invoices shall be due and payable within seven (7) days by the buyer upon receiving the (i) receipt of invoice or (ii) delivery challan issued by Bookwater for the Services rendered. The payment shall be done promptly upon receiving invoices from Bookwater.  In the event of delayed payment beyond seven (7) days from the date of receiving invoices from Bookwater, the Bookwater reserves the right to charge a late fee of 2% per month on the outstanding due until payment is fully made by the buyer. Bookwater will promptly issue digital invoices to the buyer on a monthly basis and a consolidated hardcopy of the invoice will be provided by Bookwater.

The Delivery challan (DC) shall be issued by Bookwater, the same shall be signed by the authorized signatory of the buyer upon receipt, in the event that the DC remains unsigned by the buyer, it shall be considered as deemed signed by the buyer for all intents and purposes.

The Buyer shall designate an individual who will be responsible for coordinating with the delivery at each site where the supply of water cans and glass bottles to be delivered. Additionally, an escalation matrix outlining the person, location where the delivery to be done, provided by the buyer for efficient handling of any delivery related matters and to ensure that any issues arise are addressed promptly and efficiently.