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● Manage day-to-day accounting operations, including maintaining accounts payable,
accounts receivable, and the general ledger.
● Prepare precise and timely financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements,
and cash flow statements.
● Assist in budget preparation and financial forecasting, providing valuable insights and
recommendations to support business growth.
● Analyze financial data to identify trends, potential risks, and opportunities for cost
reduction and revenue generation.
● Ensure compliance with accounting regulations, including GAAP, IFRS, and local, state,
and federal tax laws.
● Collaborate with external auditors during annual audits, ensuring the accuracy and
completeness of financial records.
● Implement and maintain effective internal controls to protect company assets and prevent
● Contribute to the development and implementation of accounting policies and procedures,
enhancing efficiency and supporting business growth.
● Provide financial support to other departments, including sales, marketing, and operations,
as required.
● Stay updated on industry trends, best practices in accounting, and changes in regulations
and tax laws.

● Respond promptly and professionally to customer inquiries via phone, email, and
chat, ensuring accurate and timely information is provided.
● Efficiently processing customer orders, managing delivery schedules, and
coordinating with our logistics team to ensure the timely delivery of water cans.
● Handling customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner, working
diligently to resolve issues and provide satisfactory solutions.
● Maintaining a comprehensive understanding of Bookwater products, services, and
technology, enabling you to effectively address customer inquiries and concerns.
● Collaborating with other departments to address customer needs and continuously
improve the overall customer experience.
● Monitoring and analyzing customer feedback to identify trends and areas for
improvement, contributing to the enhancement of our services.
● Assisting in the development and implementation of customer service policies and
procedures to ensure consistency and excellence in our service delivery.
● Actively participating in ongoing training and development opportunities to stay
updated with industry best practices and enhance your job performance.
● Contributing to a positive and inclusive work environment, fostering a culture of
teamwork and collaboration.

● Utilize networking, prospecting, and referrals to discover and develop new business
● Cultivate and nurture connections with customers to ensure high levels of client
satisfaction and loyalty.
● Conduct market research to understand customer preferences and identify potential
sales prospects.
● Present and communicate the unique qualities and advantages of Bookwater’s
products and services to prospective customers.
● Exceed monthly and annual revenue goals through effective sales techniques and
relationship building.
● Collaborate with the team to develop and implement sales strategies and marketing
● Provide regular sales reports and updates to management, including projections,
pipeline analysis, and market trends.
● Participate in trade shows, conferences, and networking events to increase awareness
of Bookwater and expand our customer base.
● Stay up to date with market developments, competitor product offerings, and best
sales practices.
● Continuously enhance your knowledge and skills to adapt to evolving sales methods
and customer needs.