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Rain Water – Nectar from the skies

August 19, 2023
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While most of our planet is covered by water, having fresh, clean potable water is indeed a luxury.

Over 85 percent of the cultivated area in India is either directly dependent on rain or depends on rain to recharge its groundwater. Seasonal rain provides water for irrigation, drinking, and household needs. The question remains how we adapt when rainfall becomes even more variable with climate change and as groundwater is being pumped from deeper and deeper wells to grow water-guzzling crops. Droughts, contamination, and mismanagement of the resource has now forced us to take immediate and drastic steps in water conservation and rainwater harvesting.

Earlier rainwater used to get collected in tanks or wells and thus replenish the groundwater. However, with rapid urbanization we must adopt innovative techniques to modify the age-old practices and collect, store, purify, and utilize this rainwater to suit the demands of homes including multi-storied apartment complexes.

How to harvest rainwater?

Rainwater harvesting is a simple process and usually is a one-time investment that requires periodic maintenance. Once you factor in the quantum of rainfall in your area, runoff, features of the catchment zone, and the capacity of the storage tanks according to your requirement ,the rainwater harvesting process usually consists of a catchment area, a conveyance system, a flush, a filter, tanks, and recharge systems. Once it starts raining, this water is stored, and you can utilize it according to your needs. From simple pipes leading from the roof to rain barrels to complicated systems like an underground storage tank, harvesting rainwater is a simple, yet systematic process.

With water scarcity almost in all parts of the country, it is about time we consider rainwater harvesting to meet our requirements especially in summer months, making it a perfect primary backup water supply for emergencies.   Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable process. It promotes self-sufficiency and makes you an environmentally responsible citizen while saving on your water bill over a period of time.  Our life depends on water, the availability of water depends on us.

At Bookwater we would love to help you harvest rainwater and recharge your ground water. Contact us at to get expert advice on rain water harvesting for your building.

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